About Us

Hello and welcome!

My name is Sonia Turanski.  A lifelong creative spirit, I attended both CalArts and California College of Arts and Crafts, graduating in 1984 with an honors degree in studio art.   At CCAC I was privileged to study with renowned metalsmith, Florence Resnikoff.   Although Florence was extremely encouraging of my metal art, I did not pursue jewelry - or any other fine art form as a career.   Instead I first moved into an Aikido (Japanese Martial Arts) dojo as a full time apprentice for 18 months, and then moved to Seattle, WA where I became a massage therapist.

While in Seattle I married my sweetheart and had a child.  When our son was 4 we moved across the country to a small coastal community in Downeast Maine.   Being a wife, mother, and massage therapist kept me busy for many years, but the only thing constant is change.  After a 32 year hiatus I returned to making jewelry in 2014. 

I have had to re-teach myself all the basics of metalwork - and teach myself for the first time many new skills such as cloisonné and keum boo.  I am grateful for crossing paths with several other fine jewelers, as well an inspiring mentor and talented artist, Nisa Smiley, whose earrings I am wearing in the above picture.  

Thank you for taking time to find out about me and my journey.  I send love and good tidings to you and yours.

The Workshop

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