We Are All In This Together!

All life on earth de[ends on access to clean water.  In recent years we have seen all our global water supplies diminished through pollution and corporate greed.  Initially the Water-is-Life collection was developed in response to the Dakota Pipeline installation and the actions by Native American activists at Standing Rock in South Dakota.  At that time hundreds of dollars were raised and sent to support those at Standing Rock.  The water crisis, however, had grown to effects us all. Across the globe and throughout our oceans clean and accessible water has become permanently endangered.

These pieces represent the foundational reality that  WATER IS LIFE! Wearing them not only brings attention to this global crises, but a portion of the profits will go to organizations that directly impact protecting free access to clean water.

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I will be updating this section with organizations that receive funding through the sale of these items.


Large Pendant with Sterling Chain

Large sterling pendant with 24" sterling chain.

Large Pendant with Black Cord

Sterling pendant with 24" faux suede black cord.

Large Pendant with Brown Cord

Sterling pendant with 24" faux suede brown cord, silver tone beads.

Medium Pendant with Sterling Chain

Medium pendant with 18" sterling chain.


Sterling silver earrings with sterling posts.