Cloisonné is a process of creating chambers out of fine silver or gold wire and filling them with vitreous enamel. This time-intensive process involves many separate applications of enamel and separate firings in the kiln to build up the enamel to the height of the wire walls. The piece is then ground smooth and finished with a final firing to polish the surface. 

Keum Boo

 Keum Boo is an ancient Korean technique of gilding shapes of 24kt gold foil on to a base of pure silver with heat, and burnishing it down  to create a molecular bond. The foil is much thicker than gold leaf and creates a layer thickness similar to plating techniques. A variegated patina is applied to bring out  the pattern, and the whole piece is finished with a lacquer sealer. 

Plan 'Bee'

The Plan 'Bee' collection was created to raise awareness as well as funds to support the endangered bee population. Up to 100% of the manufacturer’s profits from this collection go to support the rebuilding of a healthy and vibrant bee population 

'Water is Life'

All living beings require water to survive. Pollution and corporate greed have now endangered every corner of the earth with the challenge of access to clean water. Up to 100% of the manufacturer’s profits from this collection go to support free, accessible and clean drinking water projects around the globe.

Dogwood Collection

An original  signature design, the pieces in the dogwood collection have become instant classics.

Leaf Collection

These pieces in the leaf collection are inspired by the natural lines of the Arts & Crafts era. They are hand formed using sterling silver and pure copper metals.


24 KT gold on fine silver.  Sterling silver ear wires.  Fresh water pearls.

And More...

Everything else!